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LUXURY 'TOP 100' (Adjacent Springfield, Perfection, Elegant, Timeless, Bespoke; Separate Stunning Cottage,Solid Stone; $500,000 in Refurbishmen

(phone the number on Fence Sign)

Majestic "Wendouree House" is a Mini-Mansion package of opportunities. Opportunities unlikely to be ever offered or ever found again as a sparkling whole...truly ' a Pink Diamond Opportunity'!

PRE-AUCTION: This is a rare transparently priced Pre-Auction purchase opportunity for a limited time only. Don't miss it.

Those Seeking to relocate to Australia or Adelaide to a Signature Property with Cottage, a property of Timeless European Elegance and Rarity; where 'A Palace meets Functionality'....SO CALLING... INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, RE- LOCATORS & INVESTORS, or BOTH, in...



DESIRE IT...BUY IT @ JUST $1.640m! (never again at $$ due to a Health Driven relocation) (this is 'no money' for a Rare,Perfect, & Price-Declared Property with Cottage, solid-stone two-storey with cottage; pure elegance interior; $500k in refurbishments, inc granite floors; prized area)




(NB: with an estimation of $3-4,000,000 to replicate this bespoke, solid stone granite floor residence, cottage, land and gardens, and all the 'Best of the Best' facilities / features contained within this special property, makes it simply an unbelievable buy,... and not a cent to spend).


CONTRACT AT $1.64m (Firm). Together with execution of Form One - Vendor's Statement...AND ITS YOURS after payment of JUST a 1.5% Deposit = $24,000 (Normal Deposit Range is 5-10% Deposit).
(Same status as AUCTION but with Firm Known Price;..SO Buy-Ready Inspections, ie cash organised or sourced please).

SETTLEMENT FRIDAY 10 AUGUST(or earlier if desired).

To hesitate is to regret.The Vendors secured in 24 hrs of sight in 1984, aged 30.

OPEN INSPECTIONS ARE STRICTLY CONDITIONAL TO THE GENUINE BUYER READY, and are in a POSITION TO SIGN AN UNCONDITIONAL CONTRACT (as per Auction Terms but with price transparently known). This to be the next TRUSTEE of "Wendouree House".

MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW by the CONVEYANCER, with a surprising DEPOSIT of ONLY $24,000, to the Trust Account.

Offered as the 'Price Gift of the 21st Century' of just $1.640m due to HEALTH; a Premier Residence with Cottage & Secure Resort Grounds in Adelaide's PrIzed Precinct.

This is clearly a ' Red Hot Price', and TRANSPARENT, for this Glamorous, Rare and Bespoke Solid Stone ($500,000 Recent Refurbishments) CONSULATE-STYLE & VOGUE QUALITY RESIDENCE.....

(Drive-by the Residence; the Cottage, and the Grounds, "WHAT A DIVINE PACKAGE" for those seeking a property to hand down the generations and / or house for multi-generations.

View direct in wonderment of what is on offer at this unbelievable current asking of only $1.640m !
(Fully refurbished, to repeat, at a cost of $500,000 Pre -Health Impact; and to re-emphasize, located in Adelaide's Premier & Consulate precinct zone of Netherby-Springfield).

THE CONTRACT & VENDOR'S STATEMENT are at the PROPERTY. RING THE BELL,... SIGN BOTH; SUBMIT A BANK CHEQUE DEPOSIT or TRANSFER made out to the CONVEYANCER'S TRUST ACC.,(just $24,000) and its YOURS, but for days only. Or Ph re the Fence Sign to Act.

And to repeat (JUST 1.50% DEPOSIT (approx. $24k, to the Managing Conveyancer's Trust Acc.) ....and its Really Yours. What an unbelievable feeling that awaits you.

SETTLEMENT 10 AUGUST (or earlier negotiable as noted), and its YOURS TO RESIDE WITH PRIDE beyond compare.

A stunningly beautiful, regularly photographed property, one with a spiritual feeling of peace and serenity. 'Start Planning the PARTY' can cater for up to 200 behind the Tall, Privacy, Security Gates. A Multi-French Door Residence, with Wrap-Around Floodlit Gardens; Garden Rooms, & Gatsby Cottage. (view Floor Plan / Site Plan).

The buy of the 21st Century for a Grand Elegant Property, for just $1.640m and with hallmarks of $2,000,000 plus in Appearance, Substance, Pure Quality, Uniqueness, Elegance and of GRAND street appeal.

A 'Resort Mini-Mansion' in the style of a secure / private Boutique Hotel Resort, in Adelaide's Premier Precinct. SALE REASON at $1.640 Only? HEALTH Circumstance Relocation as noted earlier, or it would not be offered at this price.

ACT NOW or forever regret. Think of the short-term, long-term and lifetime opportunity, including SMSF Investment never to be repeated,....EVER. ...Compare; and there is nothing !!

HAND-Crafted to create a luxurious and perfect haven for work-life balance with a very significant investment in World-Class Refurbishments PRIOR to this necessitating a HEALTH MOVE.

A magnificent Property Resort (see photos); encompassing a Gallery, a Studio (The Cottage); and serene wrap-around gardens with garden rooms, and multi-outdoor entertaining areas, and work at home locations. Grand 'Wendouree House ' & Cottage, is a True Masterpiece of Living Art with unique Provenance and History. A Grand Solid Mini-Mansion with a 'Wow' Luxury Interior. Never Again..

"A BLUE-MOON once in a lifetime opportunity re property and price". Secure this rarest of offerings, or experience a Lifetime of Regret. It Requires Action...'Nothing in Life is Easy', BUT 'Wendouree' is a Joyful Package, making a decision 'to make it happen', will be easy.

As a Magical Mecca and a 6 Star Masterpiece, solid Carey-Gully stone "Wendouree House", is A VOGUE CONSULATE-STYLE two-storey Residence-Resort with Cottage beyond compare. This is Adelaide's Netherby / Springfield's 'PINK DIAMOND BUY' opportunity of 2018. As the Residence is two-story, it therefore has a small Foot-Print. As such usable land for gardens and entertainment would be approximately equal to a single storey home with over 900 SQUARE METRES.

Nothing compares literally with its splendor. This Grand property is an exceptionally rare opportunity to the aware researcher seeking the best of the best and value, an elegant one-off; not necessarily the biggest, re 'today's "pop-up" soul-less homes'.

A Grand imposing and exclusive solid Mini-Mansion, of which only one was built. And recently refurbished to a breathtaking standard, corner to corner. This is landmark 'Wendouree House & Cottage'.

And OFFERED at just an unbelievable $1.640m, with just 1.50% Deposit, to the Managing Conveyancer's Trust Account. And the locale is the premier and beautiful area and coveted address of Netherby-Springfield, and the marvels the surrounds offer.

WHY: a HEALTH RELATED move (as stated), OR it wouldn't be this irresistibly low 'Sell Now' Price! This is 'GOLD' for the aware, financial and investment savvy person seeking a hidden rare residential gem as a lasting LEGACY to achievements, and the future. You Have Found It!

Not a price, but a 'gift' for those of exceptional taste who do not seek the common or ordinary, BUT a buyer seeking a rare, magnetic and timeless property, one that will stimulate every sense. This 'Pink Diamond' is fastidiously presented, offering versatility, formal and casual living, and modern amenities. And importantly, with its flexibility, offers private space to each family member, and the possibility of also Accommodating Aged Parents.

Once in-situ, and this requires a prompt decision and action, enjoy regular brief walks to Springfield's magnificent Carrick Hill and numerous other nearby public venues.
Being the finest of real stone English Manor Residences, 'Wendouree' is often referred to as the 'Mini-Carrick Hill', and with an actual historical link. The property also has a diplomatic history, and with stories to tell.

BELOW is a Dot SUMMARY Only of the KEY POINTS of this outstanding offering. (Please read the Summary in-conjunction with viewing the extensive beautiful PHOTOS...and then read the detailed Description).

The Full Description 'paints the extended visual picture' of the extensive Features & Benefits of this 'DESTINATION', this YOUR New Home, and its wonderful locale, an enclave providing an idyllic haven. This "Full Description" read prior to your physical inspection visit....whether from Sydney, Paris, Munich, Boston, Singapore, Washington London, Cape-Town, China, Europe, or local, or a corporate relocation).

This is a beautiful Landmark Property, 'the life of the party', with an alluring street appeal and evokes an aura of real stature, and international presence. 'Wendouree House' & Cottage is a luxurious lifestyle sanctuary of privacy and prestige, rich in history, and luxuriously appointed.The property is extraordinary, an Art Masterpiece of real Craftsmanship, and the lost art of building such a solid-stone two-storey everlasting residence, all as Summarized in noted DOT POINT below;.

• Offered for the first time in 34 years;
• 'Wendouree House' is a Landmark Mini-Mansion & Resort Haven, a potential $2,000,000+ property imbued with elegant, international, and timeless style. The epitome of perfection, and with no expense spared. Pure luxury with magnificent bespoke quality and design like no other as well as enormous versatility. This is a rare one-off property;
• Priced at an incomparable $1.640m (firm) only;
& just 1.50% Deposit ($24,000), unbelievable...
(Unconditional Sales Contract), for a Grand-Chic Residence;
• Last Opportunity...."put your glasses on !"...PURE HEAVEN
• Fully Refurbished at a cost of $500,000, adjacent premier Springfield, a world-class location;
• Sale after 34 years is a HEALTH-based relocation / downsize;
• Granite Floors glitter from glorious imported Light Fittings with this pure luxury home literally Glowing with Pure Luxury;
• Warmth of Rare Timber is the magnificent 'church-like' handcrafted Tasmanian Oak Staircase by Nornan, Turner & Nottage;
• Rated a "TOP 100 ADELAIDE HOME"; located in Adelaide's premier zone and surrounded by Open Space public facilities;
• A One-Off Build solid-stone (both storeys') Carey-Gully Residence, a highly skilled Stonemason's 'work of art & love';
• Highly Adaptable & Flexible space re usage options (See Floor/Site Plans);
• Schools surround the home, the best of public and private within walking distance;
• A Consulate-style Gated Residence with much provenance, great history status, stature, and luxury; as well as Lifestyle and Entertainment perfection;
• Up to 5 Bedroom zones, including Guest Suite, are offered within the Floor-Plan and space flexibility;
Equal to land size of over 900m should property be single storey (ie double storey takes up less land).
• Designed to accommodate multi-family types & guests, including Aged Parents; as well as Student Boarding income opportunities (sta).
• Corporate Rental high return opportunity, prior to taking up personal residence should there be a lag;
• Outstanding Superannuation FUND investment opportunity for high-end Rental, plus very strong Capital Gain potential (seek professional advice)
• Cottage: The original refurbished Cottage is currently used as a Gallery and Studio. It can be used as a multi-purpose facility, including accommodation, or as desired by the new owner/s;
• "Wendouree House" is Grand Externally; and a blend of Classical Elegance & Modern Chic Internally - Simply WOW;
• Sparkling interior with granite flooring, granite bench-tops, bathrooms, and splash-backs; & numerous other granite features throughout;
• Exuding Character & Luxury,, with expensive high quality fittings, pretty imported light fittings, fixtures, and quality appliances;
• Entertainer's Paradise, & for Children's & Teenager Parties, or a sleepover delight;and the usage of the Cottage as a bonus;
• Security & Privacy with Tall Fencing, large Solid Electric Security Gates, and Video Monitoring;
• Warm Winters, Cool Summers due to extremely thick solid- stone walls. Light glows all year through the residence's large picture-windows on both storeys;
• Reverse cycle air-conditioning as well as a beautiful In-Lounge plasma-heater, set within glowing black granite;
• Low Maintenance Residence internally / externally, including low maintenance but glorious vibrant gardens;
• Parks & beautiful public spaces are in abundance in the locale, more than any other close to city zone;
• Minutes to the city & freeway, Multi-Shopping Centres, and two Adelaide Hotels of renown within walking distance;
• An ESTIMATION of $3-4,000,000 to replicate the entire property as is (inc land),.. solid-stone, with exquisite modern interior and entertaining areas, low maintenance, glorious wrap-around gardens, and international prestige quality;
• CONTRACT & Vendor's Statement are to hand at the home for immediate attention, these prepared by the Vendor's Conveyancer. Execution to Secure can be TODAY, or at the Conveyancer's Magill Offices. Just a 1.50% Deposit to their Trust Account, and its YOURS.

BELOW IS THE FULL PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: FEATURES, BENEFITS, AND LOCALE(for additional information on this rare Offering:

Solid Carey Gully stone "Wendouree House" is Adelaide's Eastern Suburbs or Netherby / Springfield's 'PINK DIAMOND BUY' opportunity of 2018.

A Private Exclusive Paradise & Resort for an executive couple & children; with layout extending to adaptability for a 2-3 generation family or optionally, regular stay-over Guests, or Income Potential. A stunning rare opportunity, just $1.640m !
CONDITIONAL OPEN/S: This 'once in a life-time opportunity' is limited to Inspection by the organised 'Buy Ready', & Now in the Market Buyer/s; AND, as an ***Unconditional Contract transaction.

(*** Similar Terms to an AUCTION, but at a known Transparent Price. In this instance a comparative to market "gift" for this standout property of rare status and appeal). NB: To Seek a Private Detailed Inspection at Short Notice? Please Phone the number on the Fence Sign.

Look at the magnificence of this One-Only Built property, a Magical Mecca, and low price opportunity of just $1.640m! And situated in the beautiful premier Netherby-Springfield locale.This 'Strong Buy Opportunity' is prompted by Health-driven relocation reasons, hence conditional Real Buyer focused Inspection/s are invited, and No 'Tourism' without cheque book please!... as you will immediately wish to secure via the 1.50% only Deposit (just $24,000 to Secure and Friday 10 August for Settlement).

NB: (undertaken prior to this health-based move, this after 34 years' ownership by the current Vendors, and a significant benefit and bonus to the new owner/s, is the $500,000 recently invested in an extensive international deluxe-quality REFURBISHMENT... an exceptional BONUS to the new owner/s). This refurbishment outcome has created an international-style, timeless, elegant, perfect, modern, secure, & low maintenance property, simply "Lock & Go.. And a beautiful easy-care garden.

This fine stone Mini-Mansion Residence has the status, presence, substance and potential of a $2,000,000 + property. Hence a respectful 'Conditional Only "Open", or Private Inspection for a very serious Buyer/s. One who will instantly recognize the stature, quality and ambiance of beautiful 'Wendouree House'; and the transparent value and opportunity on offer by the professional Vendors of 34 years.

And experience a friendly, highly organised, easy, transparent Sales Process, with Conveyancer Management oversight. The 'gift price' is also transparent at just $1.640m; and only 1.50% Deposit to the Conveyancer's Trust Acc; with 30 days Settlement (or less if required).

This 'Gated Consulate-Style' standout is a sublime & rare opportunity (the Photos alone are worth a 1000 Descriptive Words). This exquisite bespoke Residence is self-evident perfection, lifestyle and value, situated in the noted premier Netherby-Springfield zone.

Iconic in character, a landmark of extraordinary quality, this is an incomparable price/property opportunity. A MUST BUY for the very discerning. And with areas that quickly convert multi-purpose rooms to 2 lovely Guest Suites as required, and refurbishments designed to accommodate multi-family types, guests, and/or elderly parents, or other options. Wonderful flexibility.

This Stately wide-frontage street-appeal Residence & Grounds offers quintessential accommodation and lifestyle quality. 'Wendouree' is a 'Picture-Book' property, one regularly photographed, and recently for a film. This pure Vogue solid-stone two-storey Residence with Cottage is rated a 'Top 100 Adelaide Home'. Akin to an exclusive Boutique Hotel. A vision of one the private "Great Boutique Hotels of the World" in a vibrant garden-resort setting.

Offering flexibility of up to 5 Accommodation Zones; two gorgeous bathrooms straight from Hollywood Vogue; "granite everything"; and the stunning original Art Deco garden 'Cottage'; all set behind artistic tall fencing and electric privacy gates with video monitoring.

Originally constructed 'stone by stone' by a master-craftsman as his own exclusive Residence. The sculptured, bespoke and stunning granite-floored solid Two-Storey Mini-Mansion, exudes pride of ownership and a serene lifestyle. A 'Palace', of international Vogue status, & quality / features rarely seen within one property as 'a package'. And notably located in the 'rolled-gold' Netherby - Springfield Premier zone of Adelaide and all the lifestyle, and facilities. And ambiance, style and lifestyle are some hallmarks of what this premier and friendly location has to offer, plus many hidden secrets.

A 'Living Art Masterpiece', this Mini-Mansion's attributes are among:
"Luxury; Quality, Style; Stature; Bespoke; Perfection; Chic-Modern; Multi-Family or staying Guest Accommodation; 'Location-Location', Prestige; Lifestyle; Surrounding Schools; Closeness to City & Hills Freeway; $Value beyond compare; a separate multi-use Cottage; and significant Economic Opportunity". (see Floor Plan; Site Plan; Photos).

'Wendouree' evokes emotion, and has soul. Not a home but a 'DESTINATION' that will embrace you and your family in a gracious life. A haven of tranquility with superb $2m++ street and location presence/value.
(NB: with an estimation of $3-4,000,000 to replicate this bespoke solid stone residence, cottage, land and gardens, and all facilities/features contained within this special property).

'Blue-Chip' and Grand 'Wendouree House' would be instantly embraced as Your Destination' by those seeking rare quality, a standout residence, and flexible accommodation, an entertainer's delight, privacy, and usage of its adaptable / flexible Floor Plan as time evolves. This adaptability, including the rare multi-use Cottage opportunity as a bonus; multi-undercover entertaining facilities within wrap-around grounds, are enhanced by French Doors.These multi-doors open to the gardens and extensive external entertaining and outdoor dining zones.

These entertaining areas include a luxury Vergola Patio, a lit Logia, Garden Rooms, and covered Outdoor Dining. And at night, fairyland lit grounds and beautiful lighting emanating from the residence and cottage, all glow like a 'Hollywood' party.

BE WOWED by this Landmark Residence's magnetic stature and romance as you enter the electric Artistic Front Gates; then as you meander the curved driveway note the wonders and the grandeur of this Mini-Mansion's architecture; .... then BE WOWED at the Front Door as you step in and onto the magnificent European Granite Floors....and then spot the simply WOW sparkling Swarovski Crystal Chandelier, these to set the exquisite quality-tones for the entire Residence. This apart from other stunning bespoke lighting; and bespoke artistic fittings throughout. To then enter the grand Lounge with its expansive picture-window and serene garden views and with French doors exit to the Cottage, is to view the epitome of an artistic blend. This of style, elegance, Art-Deco and modern chic, and 'so pretty', all set off with the rarity of black granite floors... is WOW on 'steroids!'

And all of the above, even before entering the Parisian-style Cottage, with touches of New York 'Waldorf style' and currently used at an Art Gallery, is yet another WOW within this entire property.

This COTTAGE, the Original Dwelling whilst the one-off main Residence was being constructed, now exquisitely renovated to create a "Gatsby ambiance" to be what you wish it to be one week, and something else the next.

The Cottages' potential is unlimited...a Visiting Guest Accommodation; a Professional Home Office; Functions; a Music Room including Production; a Youth Retreat & Stay-overs; an Elderly Parents Privacy Zone to entertain friends, a Venue to convene Grand Dinners, or a Grand Home Theatre Room...., a wonderful bonus. And with 4 bi-fold doors to get the Grand Piano or Bugatti in! (reinforced floors).

You will 'Fall in Love' with Wendouree, and the price!! Firstly, be captivated by the European /International 'aura' for the lovers' of real classical but contemporary beauty blends....
Then enter this mesmerizing solid-stone Manor's Entrance Hall, with its with sparkling granite floors, and grand hand-crafted wide Tasmanian Oak Staircase, bespoke fittings glorious crafted light-fittings, and artworks, sets the scene of a stunning property like no other. This Entrance Hall leads to the remodelled Kitchen which its 'simply the best'. Granite flooring, contrasting black granite bench-tops and stunning granite splash-backs covering its full extent and work areas.

The Kitchen with new appliances, extensive storage, artistic features, and its large dine-in area glows. 'Wendouree's' beautiful Kitchen also enjoys a captivating vista through a large picture-window. This of gardens encasing the Parisian exterior of the Stonemason's Original 'artistic Cottage', currently utilized as an Art Gallery & Studio that would do 'Gatsby' proud, this building itself an elegant and timeless Art Masterpiece.

Then take the grand handmade oak stairs to the massive Master Bedroom of hotel-suite proportion, and with its large gracious Balcony, this a lit Parent's Retreat accessed via double French Doors from the Master.

Opposite the Master is the Butler's Pantry for upstairs snacks and drinks, then enter a simply breathtaking zone-split / partitioned Bathroom of magnificent proportions servicing the upstairs light-filled bedrooms all with their large picture- windows. Additionally, is an adaptable alternative space for an Upstairs Lounge, dependent on the new owners needs and family size. Overall, a pure quality Second Floor of 'Vogue Magazine' status and appeal.

At the bottom of the imposing Staircase, you enter the most unimaginably beautiful and large Lounge & Family Room. This dominated by a large glittering SWAROVSKI / Austrian-Strass CRYSTAL CHANDELIER, with rainbow colors glistening on reflective polished black granite flooring; Art Deco features; with a magnificent huge picture-window view also to the Logia & gardens. And if you wish, open the Cedar French Doors from the Lounge & Family room to stroll over to the Cottage.

Imagine the entertaining overflowing to the surrounding gardens from multi-French Doors as you entertain 200 guests, or host a Garden Wedding, and what beautiful photos. And a children's party delight in the safest of environments and walled security. Together with both extensive home and garden lighting creating a glorious aura encasing the property as an 'Evening Wonderland'.

Off-street parking for 5 cars, all secured behind tall fencing, and video monitored electric gates, are part of this rare offering.

A short stroll from the secured privacy of 'Wendouree House' you soak up this Premier areas' environment & facilities that are like no other...(eg Carrick Hill; the Arboretum; Waite House; Springfield; Mitcham Reserve; ovals; Brownhill Creek; Multi-Parks & playgrounds); CSRIO; Adelaide University Wine Campus; with numerous Private & Public schools, plus just a few minutes to the city centre! Metres to the bus to the city; a short walk to a premier shopping centre, two premier Hotels as a bonus, minutes to the S-East Freeway and all the sweeping Adelaide Hills offers.To top it off, Teenagers will love the wonderful party grounds and facilities provided by this fabulous home, cottage, multi-entertaining zones, plus the open spaces of the locale.

Walking distance schools include Netherby Kindergarten, Mitcham & Highgate Primary, Unley High, Urrbrae Agricultural High School, Scotch College, and Mercedes College, among other walking distance quality schools.

The Vendor is qualified to Doctoral level in matters of Compliance, Corporate Governance, and related areas. As such this is a highly transparent and clear transaction which will give the lucky purchaser every assurance. This together with the Conveyancer's Sales Documentation and Management oversight.

We, the Vendor's and their Conveyancer, advise that the Purchaser appoints a Conveyancer to consult and act for you during the entire transaction process leading to Settlement.



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